Kunsafar 7 day trip

Experience the holiness of Moula Ali and Moula Hussain



17 March - 19 March

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Karbala and Najaf are two significant cities in Iraq, known for their religious and historical importance, especially in Shia Islam. Here’s a brief overview of each:

  1. Karbala:
    • Significance: Karbala is primarily known for the Battle of Karbala, a crucial event in Islamic history that took place in 680 AD. It is where Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was martyred. This event is commemorated annually during the Islamic month of Muharram, especially on the day of Ashura.
    • Religious Sites: The city is home to the holy shrine of Imam Hussain, one of the holiest sites for Shia Muslims. Millions of pilgrims visit the shrine each year.
  2. Najaf:
    • Significance: Najaf is also a significant religious center for Shia Muslims. It is known for the Shrine of Imam Ali, who was the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. Imam Ali is highly revered in Shia Islam.
    • Religious Sites: The Shrine of Imam Ali is a major pilgrimage site and is considered one of the holiest shrines in the Shia world.
  • Holy shrine of Moula na Hussain
  • Holy shrine of Moula na Abbas
  • Holy shrine of Moula na Ali
  • Kufa Masjid

DAY 1-3


  • Arrive in Karbala and check into your accommodation.
  • Visit the holy shrine of Imam Hussain and participate in Introduction religious ceremonies
  • Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain
  • Holy Shrine of Sayedna Abbas
  • Holy Shrine of Shohada

DAY 4-7


  • Travel to Najaf and check into your accommodation.
  • Visit the Shrine of Imam Ali and explore the marketplace in the vicinity
  • Holy Shrine of Moula Ali
  • Holy Shrine of shohada

Kufa Masjid Day

Full day tour of Kufa Masjid

You will be assigned one day during your trip to do a full-day tour of Kufa Masjid. You will get a chance to do Zuhr/Asr namaz there.

You will be taken to additional holy shrines of the Shohada

  • Kufa Masjid
  • Holy Shrines of Shohada


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